Новенькие браслетики

Мои полосатики)
Летнее настроение:


Давно хотела сделать такие сережки. Твин, фарфалле, круглый бисер.



Небольшие ягодные серьги.
Чешский бисер и бусины, фурнитура бронзового цвета.

Морские волны

Новенькие летние браслеты с использованием ниток Superlon cord Tex400.



Hello to everyone! My name is Marta. I am involved in beading. And I am a jewelry (bijouterie) designer. I want to tell you how much I love to work with Preciosa Ornela seed beads and beads!  It’s important to mention that Czech seed beads are most popular seed beads in my country – Ukraine.

Almost one year ago I’ve decided to learn a new for me technique. It was micro macramé.  And I am still in this process. I try to create something new, special, and original. I dream to make my handmade jewelry popular. My micro macramé jewelry is created with Preciosa Ornela glass seed beads and beads, nylon cords and findings. For yet I haven’t tried every product of Preciosa Ornela. But I hope I’ll design new jewelry with using new beads and you’ll like it!

I think that Preciosa Ornela seed beads and beads could be used not only in traditional beadworks, not only in jewelry and accessories but in some kind of art. For example, a month ago I’ve started hand embroidering of icons with using Czech seed beads. And I’m happy with the results!

I tell my customers about materials used. And I always mention about Czech glass that means the high quality product. Also I can’t forget to mention about beautiful colors and fantasy shapes of Czech glass beads. They inspire me and make my imagination run.

My products speak for themselves :-)
Here are examples of my beaded micro macramé jewelry with using Preciosa Ornela seed beads and beads:

I really enjoy your glass beads and seed beads! Thank you :-)

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